There must be something wrong with human beings.

The records indicate that a young couple, Adam and Eve, were given a beautiful garden in which to live. The climate was so perfect that they didn’t even need to wear clothes. They could eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, and engage in any activity they chose. They had total freedom. There were no worries about food, clothing, or shelter. Except for one thing–they were warned to never eat the fruit of that tree growing in the middle of the garden, and, furthermore, they were warned to not even touch it.

Guess what.

Touch. Touch. Touch. Taste. Taste. Taste.

Go figure.

There must be something wrong with people like that. Unfortunately, there is. They are human beings.

This blog is about the foibles and fortés of human kind. It is about the most intelligent creature on earth, which often does the dumbest things.

I am a professional psychologist, and I have a story to tell.



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